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Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing abbreviated as SEM is advertising through a paid media budget where a marketer optimises and advertises their website at organic search engines such as Google and Bing to appear higher in search results.

Search engine marketing (SEM) can also be related to SEO because both deal with a digital marketing outreach on search engines like Google and Bing but SEO typically refers to internal, organic website optimisation while search engine marketing is used to increase traffic by using paid advertising on search engines.

Google Ads and Bing Ads are the most popular tools for advertisers to create ads on search pages and advertising networks through the pay-per-click (PPC) method specifically. You just need to be ready with your ads content, keywords and placement. Once your ad is reviewed and gets approval then your ads would be featured on the search engine

This may sound like a foolproof plan. However, many businesses have been fatally caught by the “google slap”. This is used to describe the £200 bill you might get from Google at the end of each day, and you may not have made any sales to cover it. It could be more depending on how in-demand your services are. 

The reality is that the pay per click services is only half the battle. It will generate traffic to your website but it’s then entirely up to the owner to turn those leads into sales. One of the ways to ensure this is that the right keywords are being bid on. Three Counties Web Design can ensure that the keywords your company use are the most relevant ones to your business and will drive the right market to your site making it easier to sell to them. 

Careful implementation of this service can also avoid the google slap, and potentially save you a lot of money. Our experts have years of experience in market research and pinpointing target audiences, so you can rest assured that you will not be hit with massive daily bills from your search engine company.

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Search Engine Marketing

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Search Engine Marketing
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